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Golfxs con principios, in “El País Semanal”

17 February, 2011 at 9:10/ por

We couldn’t wait to write about this. Last Sunday (13 Feb) “El País”, one of the biggest Spanish newspapers, talked about us in an article about the swinger lifestyle. You can read the article here (in Spanish). It’s only a tiny paragraph, but nevertheless we love it!

There are some mistakes in the article. It calls us “golfos” instead of “golfxs”, says we have polyamory parties when actually many more lifestyles are in our mix, and says we don’t charge at parties when we now do. But anyway, we are so happy about the article…

We love it that we appear in the same paragraph that ConSentido, the bar/art gallery/sex boutique we usually work with. They have been the perfect partner for our meetings and parties so far :-)