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Because I say so (en castellano más abajo)

24 abril, 2006 a las 18:26/ por

Let’s make things clear:

I opened this blog so I could say whatever i felt like, after taking part in a forum where a couple of very conservatives guys made me grow quite tired of it.
Does it say very little abou my «democratic style»? Maybe, but to be honest, i couldn’t care less. I have no intention of being considered the most popular guy of the year.

That’s why any comment i find offensive it will be deleted. That’s what i’ve just done with the comment i post further down.
I paste it here to show the kind of comments that will not be allowed.
Attacking other users, being offensive or a plain nazi is just not tolerated here. «Netiquette» recommends to show some manners. Otherwise we all end up sorrounded by flamers and trolls.

Here comes this piece someone posted and i deleted. I show you the most beautiful part of it:

«For the rest, opinion about decoration, music, etc are free and respectable (but not despise shown by conservative and radical people, even if they try to seem alternative). I like Bach, Vivaldi and Purcell (probably talibans will not know much about them) but it’s not the place to play them, obviously.
I think it’s typical to say things like «married people cheating on their partners», comment very typical coming from supposed-to-be swinger talibans, who don’t know how to have a life without despising other people. And what do you know about it? and more than that, what do you care?. Well, just typical of spinsters and gossip-lovers.
etc etc…» (not easy to translate this, anyway you already has had the most beautiful part of it)

why do i despise married people who cheat on their partners?
Because it makes me sick to see how they cheat their partners, to join later on the herds of people who are supposed to be living alternative ways of life.
It’s all just a fake: the all-we-know-too-well cheating on your wife to go have «professional relieve».Because we know male infidelity is not so bad.

And what do I know about it… well you can ask Bo, Antonio, Bea, Olga C, Estel about «footlicker», the guy the met about 8 years ago and you will know whether i know what i’m talking about

I find extremely annoying the aggresivity people throw at others… I don’t where it comes from and I don’t care.

That kind of argumention is very old: «I i thought people like you were idiots, I would say A, B and C.» Meaning that it’s your problem if you consider yourself an idiot, pretending i didn’t say it.
That system is used far too often by the conservative party secretary. We all are too familiar with it.

To sum up.
This is a blogocracy.
Offensive messages will be deleted.
You don’t like it that way? Come on! don’t you have enough web to go and read somewhere else?

(I don’t know whether make much sense to translate a row, but well, it can be considered a good way of showing a kind of people very common in swinger scene in Spain.. hard to believe but true. That’s why i put the picture of Torrente at the beggining…
If you go to wrong swinging pub you may find some of these…
As they say: «For the price of one girl, i can shag six in the swinger scene»
Just SO lovely.

2 Comentarios a “Because I say so (en castellano más abajo)”

  1. Of course it is very cynical to do anything without telling your life partner. And you are very right to criticise it. But it is obvious and you have pointed it out yourself: if he got pissed about it, it’s because he (I’m only assuming it’s a guy) knows he’s doing exactly what you have mentioned and he knows it’s wrong. If it hadn’t bothered him, he wouldn’t even have answered. He’s not defending people or behaviours in general, he is defending himself from criticism, which means he has got pissed off like a little boy. So, fuck him. In the Spanish version you didn’t quote this: «For the price of one girl, i can shag six in the swinger scene». Buagghhh, disgusting.

  2. thanks for your comment…. ;)

    and about the yeak-quote: some technical problem doesn’t let me edit that previous post..
    but it deserves a post for itself…

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