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Se cancela el Torture Garden de fin de año… ¿por terrorismo?

29 diciembre, 2009 a las 9:24/ por
Copiopego parte de la noticia:

«We regrettably have to report that we were informed this morning that Mass, our regular venue of the last 10 years and our location for the Torture Garden New Years Eve event, was served last night with a 28 day closure notice, this is due to information received by police regarding a threat made involving an attack planned on the venue’s security following an incident at another venue last week.

Therefore we must warn you that Torture Garden’s NYE Ball is very likely to not happen and if you can cancel hotels or travel plans or book an alternative event at this late stage we have to recommend that you do.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience, and we understand how important your NYE party is, as it was for our friends and ourselves, and also that many of you are travelling long distances or even from abroad. But we hope that you appreciate that this was completely beyond our control, and totally unexpected at a venue we have used for over 10 years. In fact we haven’t lost a venue for a TG event since around 1993, and never for such an important date as NYE.

To conclude, please make a final check with us at mid-day Tuesday 28th for any last minute rescue plan, but otherwise TG’s NYE Ball is off. We will refund anyone who has purchased an advance ticket asap.»

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