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«Oral sex» this coming Saturday, 19th at 20:30

15 marzo, 2011 a las 8:13/ por

«Oral sex» is what we call our meetings where we talk about a topic each time.
The topic this month is «When, or how, did you realize you were a slut?».
How did we find out? Was it while talking to our friends? How did you realize you needed to live in a open relationship? When did you think you are polyamorous? When did you see you are bisexual? When did you realize you liked being humiliated? How did you realize you were different from your friends?

«Oral Sex» will be again at Consentido
Calle Barco 32, Metro Gran Vía.

To the ones who have never been to a «Oral Sex» meeting:
It’s open to anyone who feels like joining.
We meet to talk to each other, there isn’t anyone who talks to «an audience».
You only talk if you feel like it, and it’s ok to sit down and listen, sometimes you don’t feel like talking.
We don’t give notice well in advance about this meeting because if we go over 25 people it is impossible to talk.

See you there then :-)