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Rope ha dejado un nuevo comentario en su entrada «Insex (de la wikinglis)«:

Sorry to all, but if I understand and read spanish language, its beyond my hability to write.

Some informations about Insex and the «after Insex». I’ve been part of the Insex community since 1999 when I joined for the first time. When Insex had to close, the community partially survived through a «closed forum» where many of the oldest members and staff participate.
Even sold to a foreign company, PD has an eye on Intersecarchives and that’s a good thing.
The other sites HardTied then InfernalRestraints are nearly back to the previous Insex edgy level, sites of which I am still a member.
Some other tried to make imitation but their sites are empty of creativity unfortunately.

For partial information, when I have time, have a look at:


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