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Buen corto.. (Nice Shortfilm)

16 mayo, 2006 a las 13:31/ por

Por lo visto, es el origen de «AzulOscuroCasiNegro».
A ver si un día escribo, en lugar de poner vídeos… pero es que está bien esto de ponerle cosas distintas que letras y letras…

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A nice shortfilm (in Spanish w/o subtitules) , where «AzulOscuroCasiNegro» fim came from.

To understand this film, it must be said that young Spaniards have no other option when they reach 18, that either study what their parents think is best for them or confront their parents (if they don’t like the idea of what you want to study). There are scholarships, but they don’t cover (AT ALL) all the expenses, and you get them months later university has started…

So when you decide what you want to study, usually you end up in a row with your parents, as in my case, when i decided to study arts. An uncle of mine lent me the money and then my girlfriend helped me + scholarship + working at the university library…

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