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2 octubre, 2008 a las 22:59/ por

Friday, October 3
NYC Munch
DSF: “Seduction, Play Abduction, Play Rape” w/ Morpheus

Saturday, October 4
Poly Pride Picnic + Rally
Brooklyn Leatherfolk Munch
The Sexies Awards
Mr Eagle NYC
VII Official Foot Part/Stink Contest
NY Renegades All Club Bar Night

Sunday, October 5
MAsT Metro NY: “Integrating M/s into our daily lives”
The Baroness‘ Fetish Retinue: Circus Freaks, Dog and Pony Show

Monday, October 6

Tuesday, October 7
TES: “Domestic Violence: How To Do It Right” w/ Vetiver Lane & Damien

Wednesday, October 8
TES Novice Group: “Understanding Age and Daddy/Mommy Play” w/ Lady D & a panel of Daddies
GMSMA: “Electricity: Shockingly Affordable or How to Enjoy Your Electric Bill”

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