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We organize debates, parties, picnics, workshops… Activities where we meet new sluts, where we learn from the rest or tell them about our experiences.

We organize DEBATES once every month (except in the summer). Every time we touch a different subject: We have had debates about sex toys, bisexuality, open relationships, talks about safer sex… You only need to turn up, join us and tell your story. Or just listen, if that’s how you feel like that day. We meet sometimes in a bar, sometimes in an art gallery, sometimes in a park…it depends on many factors; we just move from one place to another one after some time. Subject, meeting hour and place are announced in our blog, facebook fan page, twitter…

We organize PARTIES too, although for the moment they are reserved just for Golfxs, and friends invited by them. Doing it this way, we can relax and make sure everyone at the party is someone’s guest. As we get to know you and see if we share the same views about no-conventional sex, we will love to meet you there.

We organize WORKSHOPS too. Because everyone needs to learn something at some point, because it’s always useful to learn something new about sluthood. They can be about selfsteem, or safer sex, o another subjetct. We choose the workshops we think will help us the most to be better sluts.